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M.Fusion The Solution Nice Records • 2009

He's called the 'Brian Enno of rap', but we suspect that he's also influenced by Kraftwerk, (more recently) Radiohead, Aphex Twin and tons of movies (David Lynch -or John Carpenter even?-). M.Fusion, affiliate of the Shape Shifters, is not your average hip-hop producer, can we call this hip-hop? Well, the drums are mostly hip-hop, a few times drum-n-bass, but the soundscapes he weaves around them are transcending anything that can be called a 'boom' or a 'bap'.

Mind-buggling, electrified and cinematic, a peculiar tapestry of sound takes the the listener away to a sonic dimension that has been seldomly discovered through a contemporary instrumental album that is categorized under 'hip-hop' (another reason to not just label this as 'hip-hop').

Drenched in a collage of noises, regenerated by Casio and Kawai, distorted voices intertwined with movie samples, and here and there a lonely rap quote ('who's a Black Sheep?'), one gets easily swept away in a soundtrack that doesn't need a movie or it is the one told in your unoccasional dream about a future that is dominated by computer revolutions and robot wars. Not only for the fans of '2001: A Space Odyssey' or 'Blade Runner' but for all music appreciators who'd like to hear a bit of the 2020s (or 80's?).

POSTED ON 01|30|2009 by cpf

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