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Madlib Beat Konducta vol 5 + 6 Stones Throw • 2009

Three years after Dilla’s passing, we’ve been able to witness a lot of dedications and homages. Artists that stood close to him, artists that felt connected with him, they all wanted to pay tribute. But actually it was really waiting for Madlib’s eulogy, as the two most prolific underground producers grew towards each other a lot in Dilla’s last days after their talents culminated in the classic Jaylib collaboration.

Throughout Madlib’s tribute there are constant references to that project, mostly through interlude samples that were used back then (and apparently aren’t run out yet), but also in the kind of beats (the eerie 'Lifetime' with mystical voices in the back). J Dilla is resurrected through samples of his usual adages ('Clap hands nigguh', 'Get dollaz', 'Turn it up') as they float in between an abundance of beat pieces (associations with 'Donuts' are never far away). A variety of loops, soulfully ('For My Mans') or hypnotically ('Dirty Hop') cut, and surgically twisted around a blunt snare and a soft kick, precisely layed over a warm and soothly bassline, that’s the overall (champion) sound of this album. The pace goes up and down, the mood goes from gloomy to optimistic and Utopian even, and therefore prevents this album from sounding too stretched out (after all it’s volume 5 ànd 6, 42 songs), as Madlib probably knew that both volumes would’ve come out as one record and of course J Rocc mixes the whole into a tasteful digestive whole.

Leaning towards the earlier Beat Konducta series (especially the first two movie scene volumes), Madlib salutes his friend and colleague -but most of all his model and advisor- in a personal, intricate way. Not a masterpiece but at the other hand it isn’t just a volume in a series of instrumentals but an honourable eulogy.

POSTED ON 02|17|2009 by cpf

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