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The Chosen Ones Enter The Lord Select • 1989

DJ Doc, who collaborated with Spyder D and KRS-One, and Lord Shafiq, who made the killer track 'The Mic’s On Fire', dropped a funky dope album back in 1989 as 'The Chosen Ones'. DJ Doc’s production is tight funk breaks with creative sampling, check out the tracks 'I’m A Star', 'You Got the Key' and 'Blackman/Whiteman' (Oriental influence) and you’ll find some refreshing cuts and breaks.

Of course the Lord proved already with the 12' that he’s one hell of a rapper and, on this piece, he confirms: his flow is straight up-tempo and almost hypnotizes! 'Hocus Pocus, it’s time to focus, I’m not a magician but the one who wrote this', the lyrics are very entertaining but also dead serious. For instance on 'Don’t Play me Close' a dope track with up-tempo drums and a swirling flute; the breaks and cuts are once again magnificent. The title track is a much alike the aforementioned song, with some hard drums and various funk breaks and samples.

The combination of DJ Doc’s creative, multi-sampling production and Lord Shafiq’s flow is great and makes this album a must-have and the year 1989 even more legendary.

POSTED ON 12|29|2004 by cpf

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