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Edan Echo Party Five Day Weekend • 2009

What happens when Edan (The Deejay) gets the chance to mess around with Traffic Entertainment’s back catalogue, consisting of long-gone but treasured labels such as Magic Records, Chocolate Star and P&P? Cheer madness occurs. Super-ecstatically mixed together, breaks collide with bleeps, and kazoos clinch with cuts while a flinch of familiar party fun-starting lyrics intertwine with echoes of guitars, moogs and drums.

‘Echo Party’ is a psychedelic old school party of twenty-nine minutes enhancing the same vibes as his formerly released albums (‘Primitive Plus’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’) and mixtapes (‘Funky Drummer’, where he picked his favourite songs which had the famous James Brown sample) but two times crazier, turning it into a musical trip that racketeers the listener into a sky with diamonds. If he’s continuing like this, this Bostonite old school revivalist will branch out a whole psychedelic genre within hip-hop music.

This petit effort does not fill the four-year gap that he has left –‘Beauty and the Beast’ being from 2005-, and the sound effects sometimes tend to diverge into chaos, but this crazy and groundbreaking mix (just like the self-designed LP cover art) is decent and shiny, much like the suits he’s wearing.

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POSTED ON 12|12|2009 by cpf

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