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Beatmonstas Bomb Til We Hit Em Beatmonstas Ent • 2009

The Chicago collective of Therapy, Noble Dru, Phashara, Sense and Rahfiki returns, after four years, with a sophomore album that clearly shows an evolution during the last few years.

The great choice of samples, the effective scratches, the nice guest features and the crew's solid flowin, really appeal. Check out 'Rippin To The Last Bar' for example. The Tim Dog sample, greatly scratched unto the chorus, the crew’s flawless flows and the vivid Prince Po feature, make this song just one of the many highlights of the record.

Besides the cry for lower gas prices, less violence and more welfare (keep in mind this album was recorded during the Bush administration), the overall revolution theme of the album is interrupted by girl-friendly songs like 'Unfair' and 'Sexy Mama'. The latter being a highlight of the soulful side of the album.

Not crossing boundaries, but simply good, honest hip-hop. Made with a traditional recipe that respects the art of boombap and adding a profound twist of soul, the Beatmonstas' sophomore album keeps our conscience sharp and heals the soul.

- the lead single off the album 'Beats N Rhymes'.

POSTED ON 02|18|2010 by cpf

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