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Ron Contour & Factor Saffron Fake Four Records • 2010

When knots blossom, bee’s milk flowers and the sun sets later, summer is behind the corner. If you’re a music adept, you then tend to hold on to the sounds of a mellow, fine-tuned album. Remove the dust from your outdoor music installation and take the garden chair out of the attic, because 'Saffron' might be that record accompanying you through the first sun showers.

Moka Only’s first cousin Ron Contour, who distinguishes himself from his cousin with a moustache, returns with flabbergasting riddle rhymes, neurotic neologisms and alliterating alimentation raps. Ron throws a feast for food fiends. Every other rhyme, nourishment is mentioned and no other album, except maybe for MF Doom’s 'MM…Food', has given us more appetite.

A huge factor in the album’s 'saffrony' feel is its producer’s surprisingly fresh blend of folk-rock-jazz-meets-americano samples. With influences from the Wild West ('Prairie Wind' is hip-hop's first equivalent to a Ennio Morricone theme) to the Far East (the swirling flutes on 'Goes to JP'), Saskatoon producer Factor pours universal sounds into the album, ranging from melancholic to uplifting. The ideal soundsetting for a globetrotter like Ron Contour to rhymetravel over.

And so 'Saffron' is like the smell of a fresh cooked paella: enticing, appetitive and exotic, a lust for the senses and ideal to digest with an early summer’s sunset.

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POSTED ON 04|11|2010 by cpf

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