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Eulorhythmics Green St & Avers All Natural Inc • 2010

Eulorhythmics, not to be confused with Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox’s group, might be not the most known group off the All Natural Inc roster, but after ten years of making music together, Chicagoans Kenny Keys and MC Adad are still getting the best out of each other. Slowly gaining popularity amongst underground heads, both artists know how to match lyrics and production in a tasteful, arty yet easy-listening manner.

MC Adad’s poetical crooner-pitched staccato raps slowly creep over Kenny Keys’ thick basslines, sometimes hypnotizing (certainly with Adad's recurrent rhyme schemes), sometimes moving (definitely with Adad's catchy choruses). The beats, quite melodic and groovy ('Never Knew'), reveal Keys’ music training, and remind of the ingenious production of the late 90s that charachterized a Common, Roots or Slum Village (check 'Real Life' or 'Waterbug'!) album.

But still this is different. Their philosophy goes: ‘You coulda made somebody's favorite food but how they gone know if they ain't never tasted it. You got to give it to em. You got to add the right amounts of old and new, tradition and innovation.

And that’s how this album’s made like. It sounds very recognizable but you couldn’t mention a group that sounds exactly the same, merely a whole bunch of names that (could have) influenced them.

Eclectic, from soul to jazz, have a dance to it or sit down relax, ‘Green St & Avers’ is a record that perfectly embodies the group’s musical knowledge and urge to innovate.

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POSTED ON 04|24|2010 by cpf

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