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Murs & 9th Wonder Fornever SMC • 2010

With an ode to Roscoe’s, Vietnamese women with a little feminine fat, and salad days, Murs once again slides smoothly over 9th Wonder beats. Like he’s chillin on a ghetto street corner with a cup with a little rhum in it, the Californian MC raps with much comfort, coolness and flair. Clearly feeling at ease with the North Carolina producer’s Left Coast-coloured sound canvass, the Living Legend’s sounding even more unforced than over a DJ Quick beat.

When you listen attentively to the album you do not only hear the features by Kurupt and Suga Free, but also the influences of King Tee ('Cigarettes and Liquor'), N.W.A. and Hiero shining through. The album gathers ideas from previous Murs and 9th Wondrous collaborations, but 'Fornever' goes further than domestic argufying, broken relationships, nostalgia and a love for a certain ethnic category of women, the album deals with injustice ('The Problem Is…') and is far more dedication to West Coast culture.

Murs and 9th Wonder, fourth time around, it’s a charm. With beats soulful and warm, the MC and producer continue from where they begun six years ago, with a fluent combination of beat and flow. Now in 2010, both artists come together and make once again a perfect blend.

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'The Problem Is' video's and the 'making of's':
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POSTED ON 06|22|2010 by cpf

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