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The Burnerz The Burnerz Jah Works • 2010

A feature by Martin Luther, an excerpt from the movie 'The Education of Sonny Carson', and a quote like 'Why these industry dudes push white rock?'…if this was a movie, it would be a Spike Lee flick!

Away from the progressive, artful and methodical music of Zion I, Zumbi searches raw beats to match with his activist lyrics ('Zion when I’m mellow, Zumbi when I’m mean’), and found it in The Are’s uplifting kicks and snares. Together they are The Burnerz.

Earlier this year, they released a song against police brutality, which does not appear on the album, but was already a sign of their social engagement. Conscious and open-minded, the Zion I front man inspires and motivates the listener to stand up, open their eyes, and strive for freedom -or Zion for that matter- over conventional boombap and with choruses friendly to the ear. The Burnerz is the ideal outlet for Zumbi, the perfect way to vent his thoughts that do not match the Zion I frame. The Oakland rapper clearly enjoys this opportunity. Burn baby burn!

Useful links:
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POSTED ON 10|23|2010 by cpf

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