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Zion I Atomic Clock Gold Dust Media • 2010

Putting their music in a time dimension is a very good exercise when describing Zion I’s music. Especially 'future' is a word most commonly used while analyzing their oeuvre. With progressive production that tickles the hand of Father Time, the 'Clock' is a well-chosen metaphor. The 'Atomic' should stand for the refined mixing and fastidious way of putting the little radars of a beat, instruments and samples, in the right place.

Many Styles’ is one of the album’s first two tracks that were released online, alongside 'North Star', a mesmerizing electro-spacious tune. The uplifting song equals hip-hop with a firm twist of Roots reggae and dub bass, a perfect indicator of the colourful music blend you can expect from the rest of 'Atomic Clock'.

Constantly exploring the boundaries of hip-hop, producer Amp Live racketeers his songs into the future. What is left is a remarkable trip through Zion Wonderland. With flashes of rock, soul, funk, dubstep, and a slight, slight twist of drum n bass, this album honours eclecticism in its very essence.

MC Zumbi gets more introspective and poetical than on previous Zion I releases, putting the finger on his biological clock, instead of rhyming about things that tick him off. Besides a time-out on 'History', where the Oakland MC looks back on the group’s history, this versatile yet harmonious melange of styles and futuristic airwaves ticks along fast and diverting.

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