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Serge Severe Back On My Rhymes Focused Noise • 2011

Prepare for sergery! Serge Severe is a lyrical surgeon from Portland who dissects drum patterns with dedicated precision and sharp raps. 'Back when I was young I grew a sharpe tongue', he admits. That'll explain the acute edge and fierce charachter of his rhymes, unabashedly piercing through your ear. 'I keep my rhymes sharp like the arrow from a crossbow'. See?

The bragging and boasting is backed by drums that hold a fair amount of instruments. Brass, guitar strings and piano stabs give the record a lively funk feel. Being fully produced by DJ Sekt, Serge Severe likes to refer to the DJ/MC combination and often mentions the Pete Rock-CL Smooth tandem as a big influences. This record however -on a production level- reminds us more of the Lord Finesse and Mike Smooth collabos, with the dusty old samples, shrill horns and drought drums.

Guest features are by rappers from the Portland area: Braille, Destro, Generik, Theory Hazit and Illmaculate (both on the album highlight 'Combinations Like This'), Luck One and Cool Nutz.

And so this album is a new reason to keep an ear on Portland, where the call for authentic hip-hop cries louder by every rap record released.

POSTED ON 02|21|2011 by cpf

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