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HaLo Heat Writer II IWWMG/Jamla • 2011

9th wonder protege HaLo (pronounced 'Hollow') aka Mr Ben Ready is the next best thing from the talent pool entitled Jamla Academy. 'Heat Writer II' is free, 18 tracks long and an excellent jump-off for Stuart Scott to launch his adventures in the wonderful world of raps.

Slowly and efficace, with a clear pronunciation and trademark hissing fricatives 's', HaLo's voice is a pleasure to listen to, tackling relaxing North Carolina beats with a frisky flow. Highlights are the excellent 9th Wonder-produced 'BoomBap for the Radio', the impressive head nodder 'The Real' featuring Sean Boog ('quick dip, let it drip on her lip like snot up in her nose') and the mesmerizing 'Misunderstand', a great collab with Krhys!s.

'Even Tony Hawk said HaLo, you grind great', so remember the name! Boogahollow that!

POSTED ON 03|10|2011 by cpf

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