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Cunninlynguists Oneirology QN5 • 2011

Oneirology is the study of dreams. Literally, this album will take you away like Hypnos, the God of Sleep, after which Biggie will wake you and say ‘It was all a dream’. Kno created a world of phantasy, enhanced by a dreamery soundscape of eerie voice samples reminiscent of seventies paraphernalia pop, whining basslines and wooly synth loops.

Honoustly, the excellent beats take your attention away from the lyrics. It’s a soundtrack that doesn’t need too many words, but an instrumental alone wouldn’t do. The solid drums of ‘Get Ignorant’ need Deacon The Villain’s metaphors (‘the American dream makes me wake up and scream’) and the Pink Floyd-ish guitar of 'Stars Shine Brightest' need stellar image-studded rhymes. Or what about ‘Dreams’? Well, it holds the essence of this record ‘Dream big nigguh, Play that shit in IMAX'.

Life is just a dream and this is just a record. But damn, what a joyous experience. Cunninlynguists already have quite a discography, but this is their best effort yet. Sweet dreams!

POSTED ON 03|26|2011 by cpf

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