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Pharoahe Monch W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) Duck Down Records • 2011

Venomously Pharoahe Monch slides through organic instrumentation, hard snares and firm kicks. Twisting his tongue in the most unfollowable multisyllabic positions, the former Organized Konfusion member, shows his unique lyrical status that he built up since the days of ‘Who Stole My Last Piece Of Chicken?’. ‘W.A.R.’ is excellent lyricism, ‘W.A.R.’ is great music.

Heroically and majestic, Monch acts like a real Pharoahe, talking about the plagues that threat modern society, whether it's about mass media mergers, floods, racism, about still standing or about taking a bullet for Barack on a balcony. Try listening to the spiritual 'Evolve' without feeling jealous for his rhetorical and rhythmic skills or feel the energy of ‘Clap’, where he sounds twice the anti-authority rapper (‘say it like Pac; the POWlice’) he used to.

It took a few years and an underpromoted album, but Pharoahe Monch is back ‘on the block like Lego’. The beats have grown more mature –the guitar solos, the drum salvos- plus the hunger is still there like in his Konfusion days –if not bigger. Saying that ‘he’s lyrically in your top five, alive’ misstated? Overused? Don't think so.

POSTED ON 03|27|2011 by cpf

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