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Blueprint Adventures In Counter Culture RhymeSayers • 2011

It took Blueprint eight years to tear down the genre known as rap, rebuilt it and reintroduce it to us. But it has been worth waiting. And yes, with some help of psychedelic rock, 80’s pop, a drip of dub and a pinch of soul, rap has a different face.

Fresh, cool and inspiring, warm, energetic and spiritual, this album proves that rap is a very stretchable term. It's dary, it's rebellious, its unconventional, it's a manifestation of and at the same time dedication to a counterculture.

'My entire mind state is to be the best not the hot new trend that you think is fresh', Print raps in the impressive intro, which perfectly summarizes the essence off this seriously versatile album. Printnificent!

POSTED ON 04|14|2011 by cpf

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