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Statik Selektah & Termanology 1982 ShowOff • 2011

Statik Selektah and Termanology have a few things in common. They are both from Lawrence, Massachussets, they love authentic hip-hop ànd they were both born in 1982. Let those things be the fundamentals for this solid collaboration. Statik is showing off with some of his best beats to this date. While Termanology, well, he's outstanding. Both clearly get the best out of each other when they work together. Then again they are born in the same year, remember? Get ready for hip-hop's next best duo.

Term is not Rakim, but 'still'- Snoop sample- this record is a big step forward in his lyrical career. Comfortably he finds himself a way through Statik Selektah's addictive soul loops and chipmunk samples.
Aspiring rappers take note, because '1982' has plenty of parameters for you to become a great rapper...

How to rip the crowd? Here's a little manual drawn from the record '1982'

Rappers and their ego. A lot of people outside hip-hop see it as a strange phenomenon. But it's inherited to its culture so you better brag. A good rapper catches his listener's ear at once by showing off. On the intro 'The World Renown', Termanology rips the five minute jazzy, bare-boned composition apart with blatant bars. 'I'm shitting on you rap dudes, go get the Febreze.' See? And please use a good metaphor, that everybody can relate to, especially your public: 'I hold cheese like a pizza box'. Wanna appeal the previous generation of rap fans? 'I been killing shit since Method Man had the white eyes'. Simple ain't it? But quite clever.

Rappers and their twisted minds. The Gravediggaz, Rock and Sean Price of Heltah Skeltah, Necro...dare iz a darkside to hip-hop! Crazy and deranged... Except if you're Tone Def from the post-Niggaz With Hatz-era, you're not rapping for mental health. On '1982', songs like the horror-esque 'People Are Running' and the morbid 'The things I Dream' with Lil Fame ('It's like my mom had an abortion but I lived') show the dim side of Term's psyche, filled with murderous thoughts, deranged mindbending, and addictive behaviour (further elaborated in 'Life Is What You Make It'). 'My mind's filthy, I ain't got it all upstairs', the Beantown Maniac admits fairly.

Not that one for steady relationships
Rappers and relationships, it's like fire and water. You want a cosy family life? Nicely watching soap series with your attentive wife -attentive meaning controlling your whereabouts like the World Anti-Doping Agency- and a glass of water in front of you? Forget it. Two rules. One: keep an exciting girlfriend 'My girl she got tits like Pamela Lee, and she gives me that lip service like Angela Yee' and two: never deny on your friends, retain your independency. In 'Wedding Bells' Termanology explains how he sees it: 'Come on mommy, leave the key in the mailbox, I see you when I'm done with the Smirnoff'

Rappers and the sky. And even the sky is not enough. You only live once so you gotta pull everything out of it. Play hard, work hard. One song that really underlines that ambition is 'Still Waiting' where Termanology expresses his hunger for success 'I'm still waiting to go pop, naah, that what just a joke, but picture me on top' and recognition. 'I'm still waiting for a hit record but I know it's not far.' If only you believe in it, you could get there.

Rappers and their voice. Essential to the hip-hop movement. On almost every rap album there is a political statement – direct or indirect. '1982' also deals with surpression of people. And tell them to keep their heads up. The struggle of minorities such as Latin Americans, Term's heritage, black folks, gringos against the prejudices, the racism, that is still anchored in American society, is widely described. 'Still waiting for justice in America.' As a rapper, you simply can't stay not critical.

'Only born 11 days after Lil Wayne' If that's not saying everyting than we don't know what is. 'Street life, no joke, no games kid'. A rapper comes from the streets. A rapper is raw. Speaking of which; one of the rawest tracks of 2010 must be 'Thugathon', the remix featuring M.O,P. Statik's input is crucial, because the beat is rawer than last weeks americain prepare.

...but take it with a pinch of salt!
Because in the end, rap is just entertainment! Criticasters and people who might be offended by the lyrics. Don't take everything serious! Rappers don't take yourselves so serious! In 'Tell Me Lies' Termanology and Styles P poke fun with rappers who actually believe everything they rap, makin up as much things as possible, 'I'm so major that I have a waiter waiting for me in the back of my car'. Styles P adds: 'I got a trillion bucks and a million cars I bought a spaceship and a crib on Mars'.

In the end the best rappers take everything with a pinch of salt. 'Though I'm not joking, I was only kidding' And maybe that's what it takes to become a superb rapper? Besides the flow, besides the accent, besides the voice timbre...did we miss anything? Anyway: enjoy this record, it's one of the best things that saw the light of day in 2010. Show off!

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