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Luckyiam I Love Haters LRG • 2011

‘I Love Haters’ is the perfect title for a Luckyiam album. In the midst of haterism and anger rap, there's Lucky. Not giving a cent for what critics have to say. The coolest dude on the block. Confidently and with a serious amount of charm, the Living Legend decorates the mellow, jazzy and synthy beats with positive, playful and completely harmless punchlines, neutralizing every envy involved.

Highlights? The title track ‘I Love Haters’ and ‘For You’ with flamboyant guest stars Slug ‘you changed the way September tastes and now I wanna live forever’ and Aceyalone ‘I'm a modern Michelangelo, and you my last judgement’. Delightful is the jazzy tune -you’ll recognize more samples through this album- with Hiero’s Pep Love and Pharcyde’s Imani, and the pensive ‘Therapist’.

Luckyiam concentrates on love and the lush life. He’s a rapper who can make the most interesting song about shooting the breeze. Probably a Pacific breeze. 'All I wanna do is rhyme and have fun', the Living Legend mentions a few times throughout this record. Indeed. The ‘Idontgiveafuck’-attitude mixed with a West Coast flair makes this album truly refreshing. Get this! It’s free!

POSTED ON 09|09|2011 by cpf

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