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Sol Infinite Within, Destination SR • 2011

‘I understand word life when it’s spoken in a tongue that’s native’, Sol Infinite rhymes in the introductory song of ‘Within, Destination’. This 30-year old lyricist from New Jersey raps about life with the greats of rap in the back of his mind.

Sol’s debut album is –oh contradiction- preferably to be played at night. Or at least at that particular moment when the sun dusks or dawns, when dreams and deeds overlap. When the horizon inspires. Infinite’s abstract rhymes collide with double bass strings that struggle with piano’s, guitar loops and an illustre flute supported by hazy harps.

‘Within, Destination’ is listening music -due to Infinite’s narrative skills- with a basement production appeal, due to the hand-crafted cut-and-pastery of various instruments. It’s rap built on passion and understanding, with a steady artistic appeal (great vinyl concept). Good first effort.

POSTED ON 09|23|2011 by cpf

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