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Myka9 Mykology SoundVise Records • 2011

Timing is everything. A credo you don’t have to explain to veteran Freestyle Fellowshipman Myka 9. Just before the long-awaited comeback album of his crew and a perfect soundtrack for this Indian summer, his solo album couldn't have come at a better time.

With his croonery, melodic voice timbre - he’s almost whistling- and catchy choruses, the C.E.flow of M9 Entertainment remains jolly and chill, besides a seldom political sneer. He reenacts old school parties, talks about his favourite brand of grass ('Cropping') and touches the issue of immigration through the eyes of an immigrant in an attempt to condemn their inhuman treatment.

Timing is,everything. This Fall is Fellowship time. 'Mykology' is an interesting solo album that strikingly reminds us of how great the Freestyle Fellowship movement really is.

POSTED ON 11|06|2011 by cpf

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