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Eligh & Amp Live Therapy At 3 Legendary Music / Live Up • 2011

1, 2, 3...after Eligh celebrated overcoming his longtime battle with addictions on his introspective 'Grey Crow' album last year, the Living Legend offers you a break from the constant pressure of deadlines and hustles. Enter a magic-realistic world, a one-take electro-shock therapy, with distorted trebbles and poundering basslines, industrial claps and roaring riffs, but also melodious rap ballads with refined arrangements and catchy choruses.

Eligh further analyzes the seductions that provoke physical and mental healthness such as cigarettes, cafe?ne, teachers ('if you took off that mask, you might've just reached or grabbed me by the ear.'), preachers and ego trips ('Ego Killer') and offers solutions to tackle them.

Tattoos, music and women for instance.

On 'Tattoo Song', E bechants his sado-masochistic self 'the neck is taken so hit the rib cage or the stomach', while the guitar-laden 'Beautiful Addiction', is an eerie dedication to women, featuring Rhymesayers rookie Grieves.

On a productional level, Amp Live experiments with trumpets, strings, aching guitars, sitars, synths, trebble, bass, and clearly amuses himself on the instrumental interludes, manipulatin and stretchin 808's.

3, 2, 1 -*finger snap*- and wake up from this unique sonic adventure. A collaboration that was written in the stars. Both musicians, known for their progressive, innovative take on hip-hop, once again take hip-hop and guide it into the future. Hard to imagine this will be old school one day.

POSTED ON 12|02|2011 by cpf

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