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Senor Kaos The Kaos Effect High Water Music • 2011

The death of his good friend Jax triggered Atlanta MC Senor Kaos to give up his day job and place all his bets on the rap game. Kaos went from Kid to Senor, rapped like his life was on the line on DJ Spinna's compil 'Sonic Smash', dropped a few entertaining mixtapes and now re-introduces himself with a new solo album, six years after 'Child's Play' on Japanese P-Vine label.

So don't call it a comeback, because Kaos returned to the game in 2008. But for those who missed the ressurection of the enigmatic MC: this album shows the true face of Senor Kaos: a restless underground emcee (‘I never take a nap, not as long as the radio is playing crap’), full-time hustler (‘’to understand me, understand my hustle’), and all-round blogger. 'The Most Interesting MC In The World' translates his plans and dreams into a good amount of swagger -sorry, talent- through braggin writes ('I’m trying to score on eBay, what do you think I’d get for ya spinal chord?’) but at the same time keeps it light-hearted with humorous metaphors (‘I make more noise than people in upstairs appartments’).

The Atlanta lyricist talks about his trials and tribulations with a smile, which makes this record entertaining. What also helps: Illastrate's -’Illa Ill’- soulful boombap, not as raw as on Illastrate's collab album with Aarophat but more mellow, giving it an all-round fresh sound, matching Kaos’ liveliness.

With the spirit of Jax roaming through, this passionate album is a mission statement from an ambitious, all-round emcee. Now he’s properly introduced, the hunt for success is officially opened.

POSTED ON 12|03|2011 by cpf

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