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Th3ory Hazit Thr3e HumbleBeast • 2012

In a world where atheism is no longer a taboo and rap music is often seen like the number one export product of Sodom and Gomorra, critics would be surprised a rap fan would even listen to a Theory Hazit album. Although this record -with divine raps and heavenly saxes, snares and kicks by producer Dert- won't convert us to Christianity, it sure is one hell of a listening pleasure. The Portland rapper rhymes with God looking over his shoulder, turning the mic booth into a pulpit.

And why would rap not react on a society that seems like losing its morals? Theory Hazit constantly holds a mirror in front of society's face, pointing out quite rashly its evils and ignorance, even proclaiming the end of the world. ‘People lost everything and they have nothing left to loose’. As a gifted storyteller, Hazit juggles with the first person, giving different point of views.

In 'Distorted Joy' for instance, where he's a newborn crack baby who’s able to talk 'You're so high and numb, you can't even hear me kicking' or 'Being an addict before I was being given a name, and mommy still doing her thang'. At the same time Theory Hazit is honest and blunt about himself and his demons, about the crimes he did, the street life he knew, an absent father, and demands blessings for his daughter,...

Two is a company but three is a crowd. Theory Hazit, Dert and God make a good impression. Quite unsurprisingly from the first two, quite surprisingly by the latter. Again, we won't be converted by this album, shameless atheists that we are, but this record is the proof that rap can give a firm answer to a society loosing values and rendition.

POSTED ON 02|09|2012 by cpf

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