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Rashad & Confidence Element Of Surprise Ill Adrenaline • 2011

Good hip-hop doesn’t need too much topping. You take some ego (‘I got what this industry lacks, crafted flows’), sharp rhymes (‘makin ya ears slaves with this rare airplay’), and clever metaphors (‘holdin the pen much deadlier than any pistol with the potential of plomb leading ya’). Add MPC-crafted beats with soulful samples and instrumental loops, preferably connected with music history, and you'll have an album like Rashad and Confidence’s debut release.

The album’s art work alone, based on Lord Finesse and DJ Mike Smooth’s legendary ‘Funky Technician’ cover, betrays the duo’s love for authenticity. Double check: Rashad, the MC, has finesse, with a swift pronunciation, refined flow and great storytelling ('Make people feel all the stories that my pen describes'). While Confidence, the producer, is a funky technician with a craving for saxes, piano's and strings and -of course- breaks (check 'The Break Up Song').

A few months ago they were unknown to most, now they have this excellent debut and nothing less but the world of a music genre to conquer. The album holds all tricks from the book of authenticity and is a must-have for amateurs, conoisseurs and non-believers. If you're loyal to your music, don't sleep on this.

POSTED ON 02|13|2012 by cpf

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