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The Darkmonk True Underlord Metal Face Akademy • 2012

Although MF Doom gathered most kudos as a solo artist, the New York villain always surrounded himself with like-minded artists. At the dawning of his career, when he was still Zev Love X, there was DJ Subroc, Onyx the Birthstone Kid, Brand Nu, later on Kurious Jorge, followed by the Monsta Island Czars clique. These days Doom is backed by new heirs to his throne; Atlanta-based crew MF Akademy, consisting of The Darkmonk, Mobonix, and DJ Wesu.

Despite being a protege of Doomalay, having two Metal Fingers productions ('Hyena!' and ‘Sinista’) on his debut album, and flirting with comic books, The Darkmonk’s music doesn’t really remind of a Daniel Dumile record. No chopped up Anita Baker loops or snappy snares but ominous and absurd (‘Text Of Da Celly’) sonic fabrications, ressembling more of an early Dan the Automator or Kutmasta Kurt production.

With a voice timbre that comes close to King Sun’s, the true Underlord’s raps are raw, sinister and rigid, adding more mystery to his persona than the mask he's wearing (yes, there are more similarities with the inspiror).

If this record was made in the nineties it’d be called an experimental album, anno 2012 it’s called something a bit different than average. The album goes from good to decent, despite some uninspired rhymin and sloppy concepts, but nevertheless holds potential to outgrow the regional college rap radio aura it embodies now. The Darkmonk's not ready for Doom’s throne, but then again he's most likely to follow his own path to prestige.

POSTED ON 03|08|2012 by cpf

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