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Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi Hardbodie Hip Hop Shinigame • 2012

Formerly under the hairy wings of king of the apes Sean P, Brooknam soldier Ruste Juxx has grown from under it to become the ultimate personification of ignorance. The Carl Lewis of the rap race doesn’t give one fuck. Actually he'll buck you in a second’ and claim he was on tour when asked about his whereabouts. And if you don't believe it, you're a 'Prostitute nigguh eatin pussy liquor'. When you think of checking out a Ruste record, you better put your kids to bed first.

‘Comment allez-vous and all that sweet shit?’ It was probably the first thing Ruste said when bumping heads with French producer Kyo Itachi for the first time. Known for his upright, no-nonsense productions, the latter once again puts the bap to the boom with an excellent choice of basslines and loops. Whether the samples are heroic, trumpets or Zelda, Itachi makes sure the snare and kick hit as hard as Ruste's indestructible bars.

Guests RA The Rugged Man -on the excellent ‘No Prints’-, Vinnie Paz (‘you can't know peace,without knowing the bomb') and Rock -where's Ruck?- on 'Three The Squad Way'- fit in perfectly and bring their lyrics to war, just as Blaq Poet on the sinister ‘Darkest Nights’ and Shabaam Sahdeeq on the thick bass-laden ‘Alibi’, a.o.

'I never gave a fuck and I doubt I ever will'. After having heard this brutal testimonial, filled with gutter raps, morbid metaphors and razorsharp swagger, we doubt it either. And so be it. In Ruste’s case it’s: ‘The less emotion I put into it, the harder I rock’. The energy, drive and commitment to the music run right through this record. Lick a shot for RJ!

POSTED ON 03|23|2012 by cpf

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