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Black Milk & Danny Brown Black And Brown EP Fat Beats • 2011

Cups in the air, make a toast to Detroit's dangerous duo. After working together on Black Milk's 'Album Of The Year', it was only due that Motor city's finest producer and foulest rapper would click and conquer.

Black connected with Brown on the violin-driven track 'Black & Brown' ('long-awaited, debated but fuck it here we are') which now serves as the title track of this EP. There's a few other familiar tracks on the record, but they all received a Black Milk-treatment of psychedelic funk samples and cork dry drums.

The video for ‘Black & Brown’ shows a good image of Brown: with a whole lot of swagger and bragger -’Professor X would call me vanglorious’- a nice haircut, a smoke in one hand, a drink in the other, Brown takes no leaf before his mouth and spits out what comes up in his pitch-black mind, with a steel-solid flow that triggers Milk's merciless snares.

Hybrid and nasty, Brown takes a shit with conventions and crosses lines more often than Kanye West at a music award show. Rap has its new devil's son after Big L. No wonder you constantly hear Big L samples in the background.

POSTED ON 04|04|2012 by cpf

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