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Rashid Hadee Aural Sex: The Search For Pinky Tuscadero Honest Management LLC • 2012

'I'm still here', Hadee reassures us in the intro track of his sophomore solo release. The Chicago producer/lyricist first tickled our interest with his precious production pieces for the Neblina imprint at the beginning of the century. For instance as the duo Chapter 13. Now, the Windy City musician, who worked with Little Brother and Pugz Atoms a.o., is back on his grind.

'Pinky Tuscadero', named after Arthur Fonzarelli's perfect woman in the seventies sitcom 'Happy Days', encompasses the rowdy route of relationships and the seemingly Sisyphean search for the perfect spouse, at the same time exposing the bi-polar charachter of a relationship.

One of the best storytelling emcees of the moment, Rashid Hadee weaves a wide variety of imaginative stories, all connected with love, relationships and women. As a marketing stunt, every song will be released as a video, most suitable considering the narrative character of the tracks.

Uncomprimisingly, Rashid raps about being shy just as easily as he raps about a menage a trois. Hadee raps like a human being more than a rapper, not bothered by ego or swag. You won't see much other rappers do that. Or Arthur Fonzarelli for that matter.

POSTED ON 04|05|2012 by cpf

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