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Pep Love Rigmarole Hiero Imperium • 2012

Hiero hero and personified lava of lyrics, Pep Love is one of those few rappers who have a specific voice and a distinct flow. And he knows it. In 'Rooftops And Rain' the Oakland MC admits: 'I guess I like the sound of my own voice, but of course, what do you think I make these songs for?' Once again flow and voice are the strongest assets of his first solo album in eleven years. But hold on, there's more...

With amusing word play: 'I can do the magic trick and pull it out of the high hat and snare and than add a kick.', self-conscious imagery: 'see what I'm spitting because my shit is visual.', and alliterations: 'stretchin and yawnin, I'm already in a zone ready to get it on and...', the Hieroglyphic shows off. In between, unselfish and modest he is, Pep pays tribute to his crew ('Can't Nobody Do It Like Us'), his music ('Hiphop My Friend') and heritage (the intro).

Pep is an all-round emcee. Not only his voice and flow carry the album's strength but his focus on all aspects of emceeship and refined taste for authentic, lively production ('I live for the basslines and guitar riffs'). The risk of sounding monotonous is easily undermined by his abiding lyrical abilities that have grown even more thoroughly during his career's elongated timespan and rigmarole.

POSTED ON 04|06|2012 by cpf

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