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Radioinactive The Akashik Record Flying Carpet Studios/IDOL • 2012

L.A.’s born and bred Kamal de Iruretagoyena Humphrey made waves in the local underground as a member of Log Cabin, alongside Eligh and Murs, and made even bigger waves with the Shape Shifters collective and collabs with Daedelus and Busdriver.

Shaped by the previous projects, Radioinactive thinks dearly of rap experiments. Comparable to that other Murs and Eligh project ‘3 Melancholy Gypsys’, the American Egyptian emcee, whose first solo was called ‘Pyramidi’, describes his music as ‘a hip-hop caravan with an ethnic vibe and a Gypsy theme’.

Again, his fourth studio solo record is a jolly rap joyride through oriental samples -'We all Asiatic anyway'- and mysterious, unpredictable rhythms. Drop ‘The Akashik’ - Akasha is Sanskrit for ‘sky’, ‘space’ or ‘aether’- in your iTunes list, press play and you open up a can of worldly, folky hip-hop with hilarious lyrics and delirious concepts.

A perfect example for the rest of the album is ‘Mint Tea’ (video), where Radioinactive spitfires alongside co-firespitter 2mex –‘I'm so pimpy with the mint tea’- shouting out the gypsy life.

Sometimes you would think Radioinactive is taking a shit out of the genre -he uses metaphors such as 'Like a nun in an aquarium'- but this album holds too much thought-over rhymes and creative concepts. The live and quirky productions are well elaborated, with multiple traditional live instruments. Experienced musicians such as David Moyer of The Breakestra and Todd Simon, who played for Macy Gray, contribute with horns, Burt Gregory does bass, DJ LA Jae turns the tables while Radioinactive provides drum rolls for his rapping.

Some of you music addicts might know the Belgian act Think Of One, who mix local tongue with ethnic music, well, this is the hip-hop version.

Mindbending yet interesting.

POSTED ON 06|04|2012 by cpf

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