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Dem One + B.O.O.K.S. One The New Math EP Low Self Discipline • 2012

Can we get a 'eh' for Dem One and B.O.O.K.S. One? Together they are introduced by DJ Hen Boogie as The New Math. Everybody around the world is asking themselves the same question: what is The New Math? Their music is described as 'new school sound with a nod to old school sensibilities', but the best way to really grasp something of their essence and sound is to check out this EP.

Their music is, like mathematics, no nonsense, upright, and, unlike mathematics, soulful with warm basslines and lush rhythms. Summarized: 'so fresh, so polished, so solid'. Highlights are 'That's Me', the introductory song where Dem One underlines their aim for making unique, quality music: 'I'm not a copy cat, I'm not a clone', the eerie 'I Try' with a slowed down soul voice sample, and the up-tempo 'Something Big' built around a few guitar chops. Dem One's tight flow really matches the uptempo tracks, while it arrouses great contrast with the easier ones.

So what's New Math really about? An EP is too short to really judge the group's worth and longevity, but we're really looking forward to the full length. The beats are right, the rhymes are tight. As we said: check out the EP and figure it out.

Album drops June 26th

POSTED ON 06|18|2012 by cpf

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