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Sene Brooklyknight Plug Research • 2012

Though born and raised in South Brooklyn, Sene fled the borough when he graduated from high shool. Looking for new horizons at the West coast, it was there that he further shaped and moulded his sound towards an eclectic, soulful and progressive form, under the auspices of Blu. Just before releasing his debut 'A Day Late & A Dollar Short', Sene decided to head back East.

Due to his left coast internship, Sene is not your usual Brooklyn MC. We doubt he would ever line up for a Brooklyn anthem like OC, Buckwild or Chubb Rock did. But then again: what’s a Brooklyn MC? BK is not only nitty gritty boombap. It's also El-P, or Fresh Daily. And the harder it is for a listener to guess the rapper's coordinates, the more exciting, right?

At the other hand, there's something raw about the album's scenery. Something that betrays its author's Crooklyn roots. Unlike the dreamery, smooth and soulful choruses (Denitia Odigie!), Sene raps with cheek-in-tongue, boisterous and cocky. 'Being me is a ritual, being you is a ridicule', he rhymes. Sene is able to sketch the cold and heartless abdomen of his hometown, as it is described 'a jungle' in the title track, with 'Halos on the benches and condoms on the hoe's leafs'. A gritty image that reminds of the midnight pounderings of Travis Bickle in 'Taxi Driver'.

'Brooklyknight' is therefore far from fairytales, a good mix of dreamery beats and lyrics that don't avoid detoriation. A mix of negative and positive, reflecting a schizofrenic city. Sene isn't distracted, keeps focus and holds his finger where it hurts.

POSTED ON 06|19|2012 by cpf

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