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Young Zee & Mr Green One Crazy Weekend Green Music • 2012

After hooking up with the raspy-voiced Pacewon, the New Jersian beatsmith Mr Green now teams up with the high-pitch nasal voice of Da Outsidaz crew, Young Zee. Their collabo was written and recorded in one weekend, one crazy weekend of pool dives (you'll notice a few 'pool' metaphors), cookin food and hangin around with friends.

Kids who were born after 1990 will think Young 'I smoke enough water to make a boat till' Zee is heavily influenced by Danny Brown -the word play, the wit, the ignorance, the freestyle-style (Zee's real name is Battle). As a matter of fact, young Brown was only ten years old when Zee met Pacewon and D.U. at a New Years Eve party and decided to click as Da Outsidaz. The group was down with Busta's Flipmode Squad, was shouted out numerous times by Eminem and, in 1996, Young Zee ghost-wrote for Pras on The Fugees' 'The Score'.

The latter, along with the song title 'Chilling With My Kids' -which contains a great feature by his son- suspects a cosy, get-around-the-fire family album. But 'One Crazy Weekend' is dominated by foul-mouthed lines and Green's rugged yet vibefull boombap ('Hahahahaha' with hard drums and a reggae-esque arrangement), which makes it more a get-around-the-BBQ album. The seasoned punchlines, fresh word play and spicy, sometimes deranged ('I shoot and laugh, then we drive away, I laugh like 'hahahahaha') lyrics either put a smile on your face or crack you up in not time. 'I'm just tryin to fuck, I ain't trying to change your last name'. Although a few decades in the game -but no solo album except for the shelved 'Musical Meltdown'- his songwriting is adjusted to today's timeframe: 'I Twitter with a Yahoo till I Google on her Facebook'.

Green's production is no nonsense boombap with a traditional spirit, but innovative. He samples Ahmad ('Those Dayz') just as easily as a popular singstress, makes hard drums sound soulful plus he flips piano loops more smoothly than a cook flips hamburgers.

Recorded in just one crazy weekend (check the first video 'I Love It'), it's remarkable how well they've been able to translate the energy and fun unto this record. Try it at your backyard barbecue.

POSTED ON 07|27|2012 by cpf

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