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Zion I ShadowBoxing Gold Dust • 2012

Although their eighth album already, Zion I's latest throw 'ShadowBoxing' sounds cohesive yet adventurous, insightful yet catchy. With no signs of creative fatigue or writer’s rust, fire sparks still crackle from Zumbi and Amp Live's act of collaboration. The tandem is far from corroded.

On the contrary, despite the fact that Amp twitches the most electronic moves out of his keyboard, and Zumbi is on a quest for the deepest depths of the human spirit, this exquisite earworm still sounds accessible and refreshing.

Accessible, because Zumbi pushes his songwriting to a higher yet easy-digestive level with catchy choruses, stylistic voice moves and beautiful ballads. Refreshing, because Amp's 808's are 360 degrees away from the nineties-tinged monotony of hip-hop today.

‘ShadowBoxing’ is an album with character; ripen in the Californian sun, tapped out of a large barrel of experience.

POSTED ON 10|31|2012 by cpf

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