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Bizzie Boyz Droppin It Yo! Payroll • 1989

Get Bizzie Y’all! We got bizzie searchin this album because it’s a damn bitch to cop! The Bizzie Boys is NY’s MC Willski, DJ Mix Master D and dancers Move, Groove and B-boy C.J. Smooth (B stands for Baby because he was like five years old at the time). Don’t ignore these people because the album’s dope! In case you do, the smooth opening song 'For Those Who Slept' advices you not to.

Real funky is 'Too Deep for the Mortal Mind'. Willski drops sharp lyrics over a fat big drum beat: 'When I say deep, imagine this song is an ocean, and the beat carries each wave in motion'. His language is very colourful with funky fresh metaphors: 'Use Your Imagination', is Ski’s device, as he explains in the tenth track. Incredible is the, as single released, 'Mission Accomplished', up-tempo rappin with ill imagery ('Tight like a virgin') over rollin drums and an obscure organ. And finally, the story about 'Patty Porno': 'This story is guaranteed to make an African pale'. Hilarious, dirty and groovy, this is what the Bizzie Boys is all about. MC Willski steals the show but Mix Master D shines on 'Turntable Scientist' and if there are any video clips with these guys I’m sure the dancers are phenomenal too! Like DJ Clark Kent says on the backside cover of the album: 'This is the dope that turns hip hop listeners into addicts!'. Now, start searchin...

POSTED ON 02|25|2005 by cpf

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