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Tame One OG Bobby Johnson Eastern Conference • 2005

'When Rappers Attack' came out already two years ago: it confirmed the quality underground status of the former Artifacts member. That album is definitely one of the fattest comebacks ever made in hip-hop. With his sophomore effort on Eastern Conference, Tame returns with a few unknown producers like C-Chan, Face Valyou, DJ Porno and Govone, trying to mix his familiar raw old-schoolish rappin with dark, moody beats.

Excellent example of this cocktail is 'Notda Okeydoke', with a twisted piano, mystic voices and gloomy noises. The notty headed terror lays a few def raps, stops in the middle of the song, and lets the beat roll. 'Mockafella' is a slammin old school drumbeat with a swirling string and multiple references to Redman. That is the pitched-up funk voice and Tame quotin: 'rhethorhic on some Cummin Thru Ya Fuckin Block-ghetto-shit, had to copycat the Redman track, but I changed the punchlines to this Xing N Fox track' ('Cummin Thru...' was the Artifacts track which had a feature and was produced by Redman). After this, the album only gets better: the dope sax on 'P.P.P.', the hallucinating smoke tribute 'Get A Jar', and the raw soul-funk of 'Its Goin Down', produced by DJ Mighty Mi, are dope. Take with that the fantastic MC skills of Tame, who flips various flows, strong words and creative punchlines, and you have, yet again, a decent album.

Need to be said, however, that this album is not as smashing as his first solo album. Some of the featured MC’s do not really fulfill the difficult task of rhyming with The Encoclopedia Brown and some dope producers that were on the first album (like J-Zone) are not on this one. Nevertheless it’s phat!

POSTED ON 03|22|2005 by cpf

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