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Nocando Jimmy The Burnout Hellfyre Club • 2014

‘Staying cool is the solution for climate change'. As a former Scribble Jam laureate and now founder of the promising Hellfyre Club crew (Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver,..) and label, we mostly know L.A. rapper Nocando for his coolness, charming humour and braggin writes. On ‘Jimmy The Burnout’, we meet his alter ego Jimmy. A stress-infested personage with a gloomy edge: 'the dark style weird guy'. Besides coolness there’s stress. Besides the bragging there’s uncertainty. What’s great about this record is the duality, the schizophrenic mood that mellows through.

The contrast adds tension and excitement. Like silver linings to a cloud. Dark vs. light ‘You’re like a thunderstorm in the clear sky’, old vs. young ‘ I’m thirty but I’m still rapping like a young nigguh’, or smart vs. dumb ‘street smart, book smart, actin like a dumb nigguh’. Or: ‘I love life so much, my wife gets jealous’. Nocando, a former freestyle rapper, has obviously put a lot of effort in the writing, with lucid metaphors, powerful word play and clever concepts. Switching from one mood to another: self-conscious or in doubt, covered with the softening hand of humour ‘(“Suburban niggas used to call me Oreo”).

The eclectic, progressive production nicely supports the writing. With a progressive melange of funk, trap, jazz, electro (‘Lucid Dream’) and a bit of the ol’ boombap (‘Hellfyre Theme’).

‘Feelin like the nineties, I came from the eighties'. Nocando does great things on ‘Jimmy The Burnout’. It’s a well-balanced exercise in the art of describing reality and the human condition. Keep an eye on Hellfyre movement, because they just lit on the fire.

POSTED ON 04|18|2014 by cpf

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