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Deep Rooted A New Beginning Open Myndz • 2004

Straight outta San Diego come Mr Brady, Johaz and DJ Artistic aka Deep Rooted. Dedicated heads should’ve heard from Brady, who dropped the great 'Dirty' album on Battle Axe Records and released another solo album,'Dusty Baker', last year. This collabo album is the first LP release on their own OpenMyndz label and it’s a beauty! Most of the beats are by Mr Brady himself, Oh No and Xile contributed with each one song and Moka laced two.

The album starts with a typical Oh No beat: a bugged out bass line and crazy samples (in this case an Oriental guitar); some sweet singing and raw, inventive lyrics 'I’m a dog, mutha…, check my Pedigree!'. Deep Rooted is a metaphor for planting better seed and yes, this ain’t your average, superficial music: most of the lyrics go deep and give you something to think about, accompanied by mystic beats such as on 'Give Thanks' featuring Visionaries’ LMNO and 2Mex, 'Shake Down' with a real nice guitar lick and 'Pledge Allegiance' with a spooky voice sample. Real nice are Moka’s smooth productions on 'Here we Go' and 'Personal'.

This record’s a great debut for the new label that promises to become a heavyweight in the Bay Area underground scene. Give thanks that the beats and the rhymes are ill!

POSTED ON 01|11|2005 by cpf

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