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Skinny Boys Weightless Warlock • 1986

Never ever have there been album titles that were fresher than these of the Skinny Boys’ albums. Connecticut’s answer to the Fat Boys, brothers 'Superman' Jay and 'Shockin' Shaun Harrison and cousin Jacques 'Jock' Harrison (the 'Buffy' of the group) kicked hilarious flavour back in the days! But unlike low-quality 'reactionary' acts such as 'the 2 Live Jews', this group made some classic recordings and is best to be taken serious!

Their debut, for example, is pure dopeness! Throughout the album 'Jock' is beatboxin and his cousins are rappin in the typical old school -read Run DMC- way! To take their Run-DMC admiration a step further, they refer to 'Rock Box' with the opening song 'Jockbox', a slammin song with funky beatboxin (some crazy hick-ups) and spaced out synth sounds. 'Is he nuts? No, he’s insane!' Another hit is 'Weightless' with an incredible bass line and rhymes that celebrate the art-of-being-skinny. Other highlights are 'Ill', 'Feed Us the Beat' and 'Rip the Cut', with aggressive rhymes and some old-school turntablism. Those two songs were also issued as singles.

The expression is not at its place but this album is fat! At the time the album sold over 400,000 copies! Seven years later they seemed not forgotten while their song 'They Can’t Have Enough' album appeared in Tony Scott’s 1993 cult movie 'True Romance'!

POSTED ON 03|24|2005 by cpf

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