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QuiteNyce PowerMoves AbstrakRecordings • 2005

Born in Trenton, NJ, and currently residing in the Boston area, QuiteNyce has lived a quite roaring life. Now, at only 22 years old, this MA resident has lots of experience and therefore life wisdom to share with his audience. 'PowerMoves' is a very mature album, with topics from love ('Love You', 'Until the End') to survival ('Levels of Life'). Mainly, it is about the moves in life you have to make, in order to achieve your goal. And, according to us, QN is on his way to make it in the underground rap game, after a difficult journey.

And 'This brother ain’t goin under' as QN claims in the opening track 'Who’s This'. The chorus goes: 'try to find a way to survive, the pressure’s on'. The beat is pumpin funk with a slammin snare and QN’s verbal skills are fresh, creative and versatile. '4gotten' is also a song about adversity and the struggle for success, the Rawbird-produced track is superbly smooth (9th Wonder-like) and DJ Blaze’s scratches are supreme! 'Love You' is a funky fresh, Latinesque, jazz beat and an ode to the most important thing in the world; l-o-v-e. Another blazin track is 'Behind Bars' featuring label mate Seek. Both artists lay dope, fast, conscious rhymes and interact with each other, alternating lines. Besides the more unfamiliar names, the album also features well-known Bostonites. 'Peel' is produced by Cadence and features Breez Evahflowin. D-Tension produced 'A Soul Once Cried' and Illin P (and again Cadence) assist QN with that heavy rhyming on 'Innovate', a dope soulful beat that could’ve come out Pete Rock or Jay Dee’s drum machine, but instead, crafted by the talented Rawbird.

'PowerMoves' is a great album that not only has dope jazzy funk production but also strong, conscious rhymes. QuiteNyce? Yo, this album is VeryNice!

POSTED ON 03|06|2005 by cpf

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