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Access Immortal Shades Of Reality EarlySpotter • 2005

Straight from the streets of the Brooklyn borough comes Access Immortal, a rapper with a hunger to succeed and survive in the rap game. Access teamed up with long-time friend and producer Vanderslice, who also did some beats on the earlier, self-released 'Limited Edition' CD.

This is hip-hop music from the streets; ghetto tales ('Born in the Ghetto'!) over raw, underground beats. The album opens with the uplifting, piano-driven 'Authentic Made', the first single of the album and a street banger! Both Gang Starr affiliate Smiley the Ghetto Child and Breez Evahflowin help to set the mic on fire. Breez also features on 'Get What You Deserve', a fat drumbeat with trumpets and a great Guru sample make ya head bop. Def Jux recording artist Karniege and the dark-voiced Substantial also guest star on the track. A criticizing look on society and politics is given on 'Struggler’s Paradise', one of Insight’s darkest productions. 'If I ain’t perfect with the pen now, I ain’t far from it', Access raps on 'My Testimony'; another personal view on the man’s life over a nice beat by Vanderslice, who flips the same sample that was used on 'Jewelz' (from another street poet and Brooklyn resident O.C.) Magnificent is the J-Zone produced 'Monday Night Raw', one of the Zone’s illest productions and raw, explicit lyrics by Access; a great combination. Excellent is the existential 'Shallow Graves' with a lot of what-if’s, honest feelings, Science’s raw unpolished voice and a beautiful guitar lick.

'Shades of Reality' is real life lyrics, no-nonsense and raw beats: something to be treasured in these days of artificial music!

POSTED ON 03|07|2005 by cpf

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