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Shed Light Perseverance EarlySpotter • 2005

This album is everything you would expect from a Boston hip-hop label; raw lyrics and fat boombap are served on Shed Light’s debut album. His style is most comparable with Esoteric’s: clever punch lines and strong, heart-felt lyrics.

The album starts with the hilarious 'Everyone And Their Mother Wants To Be An MC', on which Shed’s mother rocks the mic and even gets the chance to record an album for Dr Dre’s Aftermath! Funny, but yet a very sarcastic drawing of today’s music industry and its lack of quality. (btw, watch out for the video of this track on EarlySpotter.com!)The song’s concepts are refreshing and creative. 'Voloptuous Ladies' is a dedication to the well-proportioned ladies who don’t need to be thin to be beautiful 'I get too excited every time I see a girl at Mickey D’s and supersize it'. 'Accurate Aim' is a typical Cadence production with a twisted piano and a jazzy bass line, both artists rhyme about smashing the competition. Things get more serious with the Butta Beats produced 'Forwards Or Backwards?', where the world’s politic failures are analyzed. 'A Song for Dad' is, just like 'My nr 1 Girl', a very personal dedication to his parents in which he speaks frankly about the death of his father. 'My Younger Days' is lovely reminiscing on the salad days over an up-tempo mellow beat.

Yet another top notch album from EarlySpotter! Where my Shed heads at? Right here!

POSTED ON 03|07|2005 by cpf

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