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Jneiro Jarel Three Piece Puzzle Kindred Spirits • 2005

Pull up a chair, sit back, relax and listen to this puzzle of music brought to you by Jneiro Jarel. Jneiro was born in Brooklyn, lived in Texas and currently resides in Philadelphia. Off all places! Philly is without a doubt one of thé most creative music centres on earth. Back in the days you had the enormous soul scene, right now you’ll find such wonderful artists as The Roots, Lizz Fields, Jazzyfatnastees and Jill Scott to name only a few.

This music status is well-reflected in 'Three Piece Puzzle', an amalgam of different music styles from soul, jazz, rock to Latin music. But in the end, this is a hip-hop album pur sang, reminding you of mid-school legends such as A Tribe Called Quest (check the references in 'Lock Down'!), Digable Planets and contemporary artists such as Jay Dee, Little Brother or Foreign Exchange. The biggest strength of this album is without a doubt the music itself, mostly produced by the man himself and his partner-in-beats Dr Who Dat?. The rhymes are limited to a background role as Jneiro flips only a few verses per song and most of the tracks are instrumental . Some of the highlight songs are the the spacey electric soul loop-driven 'Big Bounce Theory', the Dilla influenced 'Get Yuh Own', the Kraftwerk(!)-inspired 'Black Cinderella', the smashing 'Doinis' and the fine melancholic outro 'Here Comes The Son'.

The spacey wickedness of Sun-Ra, the jazzy boom bap of A Tribe Called Quest and the reflection of Philadelphia’s impressive soul legacy are resonating through this album. 'Three Piece Puzzle' is a journey through a variety of music, showin that hip-hop can take different identities.

POSTED ON 03|05|2005 by cpf

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