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Opio Triangulation Station Hiero Imperium • 2005

Holy gibberish, Hiero done did it again! We’re always excited when someone from the Hiero camp, in this case Souls of Mischief’s Opio, drops an album! 'Triangulation Station' is a mixture of fresh, up-tempo tracks, jazzy loops and mystic, even heroic, beats.

An example of the first type is the intro song 'Viva Main Vein', where Opio impresses us with his fresh, energetic rhyme style. Besides Del, whom he ressembles in a way, Opio’s definitely one of the strongest Hiero MCs. Mystic is the lovely 'Fistfull', a song about the struggle to survive and a dedication to his Hiero crew; 'we made our dough, independently, fuck the industry, we bang tremendously, slanging on the Internet'. 'Mind, Body, Soul' is also charachterized by its mystic loop and a dope X-Clan -'this is protected'- sample. Definitely jazzy is 'Granite Earth', an uplifting, feel-good track that draws comparison with the finest lounge music: Amp Fiddler has left a mark on the LP! Amp also features on a few other songs as lyricist. Much alike, and with a samba allure, is the next track 'What’s Wrong With this Picture?' with an enegmatic feature by the one and only Del the Funkee Homosapien. 'Talk Dirty' is a beautiful track with a repetitive, soulful voice sample and Opio droppin nasty lines; 'come and see us at my house, in at six, make a baby in ya mouth, drink a Stout, then we dip'. Also let’s not forget the songs with the two Cali Agents on it. First of all, the blazin collabo 'Confederate Burning', on which Rasco impresses with his magnificent flow and powerful voice, on the wheels of steel is Roc Raida, layin the dopest cuts. Planet Asia features on 'The Grassy Knol', another great production with a blazin guitar lick and amazin rhymes.

This LP listens very easily due to the fact that the tracks are kinda short, but mostly because the music is fresh like a cool breeze on a summer’s eve.

POSTED ON 02|14|2005 by cpf

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