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Scienz of Life Diggin In The Archives CD/DVD Raptivism • 2005

For years, Atalanta has had a strong underground scene, from Da King & I, over Illegal to Mass Influence (formerly Y’All So Stupid), fantastic hip-hop acts. Another example of what is a superb group is Scienz of Life. Their first album was simply fantastic, just like their sophomore album (featured MF Doom, Stacy Epps) and last year’s Sol Uprising (a Lil Sci/Stacy Epps collabo). SOL is all about dark, intergalactic and jazzy beats with deep thoughts.

The time is now right for Inspector Willabe, I.D. 4 Windz and Lil Sci to release a documentary CD/DVD. The CD runs through their discography and contains many singles (a & b-sides), exclusives and their first radio appearance on the legendary Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show. Check out SOL’s first recording, on Bobbito’s infamous Fondle Em Records, '9 Ether'; a dark, hypnotic track that defines their music very much. Also on the CD is 'Metaphysics', their second Fondle Em 12” and the first song I ever heard from them. It got regular play on a local radio station and was a frequent feature on mixtapes back in 1997. 'Raw Scienz' is raw indeed, containing melancholic pianos, a hypnotizing double bass and a dope KRS-One sample. Phenomenal is the twisted piano loop on 'Undaground Movement Forever', produced by Teknique, a high school friend of the group. 'The Anthem' is a fat, fat boombap cut and was played a lot in the NYC underground. And finally, on 'Build Wit Me', the Scienz connect with Killarmy’s Baretta 9 over a 4th Disciple beat that reminds one of Ghostface’s 'Daytona 500' classic.

And as if a dope underground collection isn’t enough, there’s also a DVD with dope interviews, performances and freestyles for about 90 minutes. Material enough for you to grab a shuffle and dig out what the group is all about ànd, as many of SOL’s earliest 12’s are hard to find these days, this is thé collector’s item for every underground fan!

POSTED ON 02|12|2005 by cpf

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