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Low Profile We're In This Together Priority • 1989

Over and over and over again…this is how many times I’ve played this record. Before he hooked up with the Maaad Circle and the Westside Connection, WC (say Dub Cee) was terrorizing the West Coast with the infamous DJ Alladin. Their record is probably one of the most consistent and strongest albums in West Coast history. The beats are simply phenomenal: DJ Alladin kicks rugged funk beats with Parliament, Meters and especially James Brown samples.

The first single of the album 'Pay Ya Dues' is blazin: pumpin bass drums (Zapp’s 'More bounce to the ounce'), a dope guitar lick (JB’s 'Rockin Funky Watergate') and WC rhyming with an incredible coolness. No gangsta issues but plain old school: Dub’s talking about the rappin itself and earnin money with it. In the lovely 'Keep Em Flowin' (yet another dope sample), WC does the knowledge as he speaks on some society issues. Incredible are Alladin’s scratches: it suddenly becomes very clear why he became DMC World Champion one year before. 'Alladin’s On A Rampage' is definitely one of the illest DJ tracks out there! Throughout the album, he lays the cuts so crazy and throws in the fattest breaks it makes ya head spin.

Other bangers are 'Funky Song', 'Comin Straight from the Heart', the title track and the closing 'No Mercy' with its hypnotic Bob James loop. Prices go high for this one, for the LP as well as the CD (even higher!), but you just need to hunt it down!

POSTED ON 02|11|2005 by cpf

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