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Count Bass D Some Music Part 2 Domination • 2004

Over the past years Count Bass’s music equalled dope quality hip-hop that's always a real pleasure to listen to because of its great arrangements and smooth samples. So it’s great to see that the super producer is givin us a piece of his musical preferences on this mix CD. It’s a great blend of old school tracks, soul, remixes, instrumentals and a new Count Bass D song.

In the first minutes CPF and Wulf were pleasantly surprised by two special songs: the Nutcracker verse from 'Words from the Nutcracker' (on Gang Starr’s 'Hard to Earn') is one of Wulf’s favourite rhymes ever since! And the 'Rasa' song is something that goes way back for CPF (perhaps even into the womb cuz his parents bought the album just before his time of birth). And what about the remixes? Damn fine! 'Remix One' is Ultramagnetic MC’s over a spacey beat with a hypnotic guitar lick, Stevie Wonder sings over the instrumental of Jeru’s classic 'Come Clean' and Public Enemy over MF Doom’s 'I Sell Rhymes like Dimes'-beat sounds superb. Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, Big Pun and Grand Agent’s (!) a-capellas over blazin beats is bananas!

Also get ready for some superb soul, mellow funk and reggae! As dessert Dwight Spitz offers us an exclusive piece of his own pie! Not your average mix album, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the music!

POSTED ON 12|20|2004 by jazztro

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