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Kaze The Spirit Of 94: Version 9.0 Soul Dojo • 2004

Before we set of with the review, let it be clear that the name of this North Carolina MC, and Justus League’s most recent member, is pronounced 'Kahzee'. Just 'For the Record'...which is also the first song of this remix album, of which the original LP was released in 2003.

9th Wonder took the original album, which was fully produced by Kaze himself, and turned it into something nicer. No offence to Kaze though, because the original album had some ill productions too. The single of the 2003 album, '50/50 Amp', is also a banger in the remix version: 'spread love, spread hate, it’s 50/50'. Kaze spits clever rhymes with a straight, decent flow. He talks about his life, hip-hop and Carolina. One busy guy, this Kaze, because he started a few hip-hop organisations, created and presents a TV-show and founded his own label.

This album is the perfect alibi to get acquainted with the artist and his first album. To be honest, there were a few 9th Wonder productions this year I didn’t feel. For instance on Masta Ace’s LP and the Okayplayer compil, but after hearing this album and the Justus League mix CD’s, he’s one of my favourites again!

POSTED ON 11|16|2004 by cpf

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