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Jerboa & Lefto Eardrums EP Jerb Records • 2004

Aren’t we always grateful when homegrown beat entertainment found its hard way from crate to machine, from plate back to crate, to settle for life as fine ass grooves into black magic plastic? Yes, Jerboa, the maniac producer from Gilligan’s Island and millipede Lefto teamed up for a 10-track EP released on Jerb Records, choking full of funky drum patterns, cleverly intercepted sound bytes and a tasty touch of powerful engineering.

Although both producers seem to find each other back on a same audio level, none of the two is losing their own style nor composing methods. [MC] Grandma’s grandson took care of one side revealing three superb tracks, one by one making us yearn again for the upcoming Jerboa full album ‘Music For My Instruments’. Our heart definitely goes out to ‘No Frontiers’, an earlier released track on the Cuttin Stylus-mixtape which made it gloriously through the Jerboa reschedule/recompose/replay completely with live instruments-machine.

Lefto’s rockin’ the MPC for his side and comes with 7 tracks, sometimes really repetitive and strict, sometimes really funky. Without a doubt he’s knocking us all down with 'Listen' (giving us the chills) and Between Worlds. Watch out for the sleeve, might contain cerumen!

POSTED ON 11|11|2004 by BCM

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