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Phil The Agony Aromatic: The Album Vocab/Goodvibe • 2004

Steady! Finally, after a long list of mix tapes, one of the tightest Likwit MC’s is here to drop his debut album on Goodvibe Recordings as the Strong Arm legacy continues. Phil the Agony continues in the style of Alkaholiks’ 'XO Experience' and Defari’s latest album: feel-good party beats with an old school lyrical content.

A nice example of this is 'Summertime': the beat is playful, there’s a nice hook in it and Phil the Agony shows off with his strong flow. 'Promises' has nice female voices in the chorus and sounds really fresh. More summertime vibes has 'I Can’t Believe It' featuring crew partners Xzibit and Krondon. Talib Kweli cools down on the peaceful 'For the City'. Phil delivers brave lyrics and confirms what he said in this album’s intro: 'I’m true to the heart, true to the art'. Planet Asia joins on the second part of the album and it seems like he connected with the Likwit camp and/or Strong Arm Steady Crew.

Phil’s latest is what we expected: summertime vibes and strong lyrics, this is one of the fattest Likwit crew related releases of the 2000s as the cover already reveals in a certain way. Crenshaw Boulevard whut!

POSTED ON 11|06|2004 by cpf

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