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Declaime Conversations With Dudley Up Above • 2004

Oh my, what a fantastic piece of music this is. Declaime’s first album was a nice but short album. 'Andsoitisaid' was also great, but they certainly didn’t have the strength of this album. This album unites Dudley Perkins and his alter ego Declaime and offers the best of both worlds. Dudley’s existential, raw, soulful input and Declaime’s fresh, relaxed type of rapping. Oh No produced most of the album and he gets better by the hour.

Up-tempo, head noddin beats and down-tempo, groovy bass line tracks are alternating each other. An example of the first type is 'Judgement', a song about unfounded criticism over a bumpin beat with a magnificent flute loop. 'Welcome 2 Reality' is the lead single of the album and is an absolute highlight. Top notch lyricists Grand Agent and Lil Dap spit fire on a threatening and deep bass groove. The psychedelic trip continues with the lovely and bright 'Heavenbound', a manifest on how to treat life. The philosophy of Declaime (and Dudley) is also expressed on the apocalyptic 'Conversations', with a guest spot by Medaphoar. More classic cuts on this album are 'Dearest Desiree', a beautiful dedication to his daughter, the mystic 'Shine Time', 'Knowledge Born' and 'Still Waters'. The album ends on a rough tip with the energetic 'Life', on which Declaime passes a final message: 'It’s your life, live it!'.

Madlib took care of the last few tracks and as always things are on point. Him and his brother manage to take it to another level once again and the combination of the three family members has something that comes close to magic!

POSTED ON 11|02|2004 by cpf

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